Does your Digital Marketing Stack empower your team to drive growth?

By selecting, and then implementing, the right software-set, a.k.a. your “Digital Marketing Stack,” start-ups can hit the ground running and scale gracefully. Mission critical components, such as, customer relationship management systems, email service providers, social relationship platforms, technical support ticketing systems, web analytics tools, and even project management helpers, are too often an after-thought, and early missteps lead to hundreds of wasted hours down the road. A small amount of planning and guidance will ensure you avoid common mistakes, setting you up for long-term success.

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Complexity of the Digital Marketing Stack

Not convinced how complicated the digital marketing landscape has become? Take a quick look at Scott Brinker’s “supergraphic” that he’s been updating for the past few years:


At last count, he’s up to nearly two-thousand companies, across more than twenty categories. You can’t even properly see all the detail until you click into the image and enlarge it. Lot’s of choices, so starting on this planning exercise sooner, rather than later, is a good choice.

What’s a Digital Marketing Stack?

The quick answer is that it refers to the software products that a marketing team uses to execute their digital campaigns. These systems should communicate with each other, so data flows from one product to the next. Prospects and customers generally won’t know what mix of products a company is using; these tools all work behind the scenes.

It’s a relatively new buzzword that marketers stole from the IT side of the house. You’d often hear what Technology Stack a company was using (e.g., “They are using LAMP. Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the relational database management system, and PHP for their scripting language.”). A developer that could work on all aspects of their technology was labeled a Full-Stack Developer, and was a hot-commodity. Of course, marketers grabbed that term too, and now someone that understands all the components of a digital marketing program can claim the title of a Full-Stack Marketer.‚Äč